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The Last Lap

While today there is a greater appreciation for the beautiful Swamp wallaby, Wallabia bicolor, this was not always the case.

An August 1933 edition of the Muswellbrook Chronicle casually prompted readers to heed ‘the last lap’ – a reminder that the open season for kangaroos, wallaroos, scrub and swamp wallabies would terminate on the 31st of that month.


Swamp wallaby

Swamp wallaby eating Carex sp, image Discovery Planet

Despite many years of open hunting seasons, the Swamp wallaby has recovered to be relatively common in some pockets of eastern Australia, particularly in thick forest understory and coastal heath. Perhaps fortunately for the Swamp wallaby its short coarse hair made it less popular as a commercial fur species than many other Australian marsupials. It is still likely, however, that for the many years that hunting was a popular pastime, the impact probably reduced the abundance and distribution of this beautiful little wallaby.


Swamp wallaby in wetland

Swamp wallaby in wetland, image Discovery Planet


Muswellbrook Chronicle, 25 August 1933


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